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Our vision is for all communities to effectively use hydrologic information and warnings to protect lives, property, and the environment.

Our mission is to provide education, training, and standards for the generation, delivery, and use of timely reliable hydrologic information."

The National Hydrologic Warning Council (NHWC), with membership across the United States and around the world, is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting emergency and environmental management officials by providing expert advice on the use of real-time, high quality hydrologic information from automated remote data systems, with the goals of protecting lives, property, and the environment.

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  • November 15, 2018 - The 2018 NHWC Texas Workshop was a success, and presentations will be posted here as soon as they have been compiled.
  • November 7, 2018 - New Job Posting! Dam Safety Engineer (Instrumentation Focus) for Managed Business Solutions (Specialty Contractor for Bureau of Indian Affairs). See our Job Openings page for more details. 
  • October 25, 2018 - Deadline extended for the 2019 NHWC Conference Call for Abstracts. We understand that Hurricane Michael, Hurricane Florence, and numerous local flood events across the U.S. in the past few months have caused our NHWC members and friends to be so inundated with work that they've not had time to put together an abstract for the 2019 NHWC Conference. As such, we've extended the deadline to November 9, 2018. Submit abstracts online using our NHWC 2019 Conference Abstract Submission Form.

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Registration is open for our 2019 NHWC Training Conference & Exposition.
June 17-20, 2019
Louisville, Kentucky
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