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The eighth national conference and exposition of the National Hydrologic Warning Council (NHWC) will be held in stunning Vail, Colorado from May 18 to 21, 2009. The conference is the largest in the United States devoted specifically to real-time hydrologic warning systems and how these technologies assist local officials with storm readiness, emergency response, and disaster recovery.


The theme for this conference is “Exploring New Hydrologic Warning Frontiers” befitting the Rocky Mountain location and the advancements being made in protecting lives, property and the environment  with hydrologic warning systems.  The conference is intended for a multi-disciplinary audience including field personnel, flood engineers, hydrologists, forecasters, water resource managers, and emergency management officials that operate hydrologic monitoring systems or use the information that they provide.


Highlights of the conference will include: 


  • NEW FOR 2009 —training/testing for the ASFPM Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) exam at the conference (separate fee for the exam).  Current CFM's can earn 12 continuing education credits by attending
  •  NEW FOR 2009 —training/testing for Hydrologist Certification through the American Institute of Hydrology
  •  An exceptional slate of invited speakers, including Mr. Steven Stockton, Director of Civil Works, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mr. Bill Read, Director of the NOAA/NWS National Hurricane Center, Mr. Duane Smith, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board and Chairman of the Western States Water Council, Colorado State Supreme Court Justice Greg Hobbs, Mr. Jack Riessen of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, and Mr. Jack Hayes, Director of NWS. 
  •  A wide range of technical sessions to assist water managers whose communities are just getting started with hydrologic warning systems, floodplain management and water conservation or those with advanced needs
  •  Diverse training opportunities with workshops on drought mitigation, severe storm prediction, instrumentation operation, and more
  •  An opportunity to see and discuss the latest hydrologic warning equipment, products, and services


    The National Environmental Satellite Data Information Services (NESDIS) Satellite Telemetry Interagency Working Group (STIWG) will again meet concurrently with the conference.  The STIWG is a meeting of all interested GOES Data Collection System (DCS) users with the GOES DCS management and technical staff, for the purpose of sharing information and solving common problems. 









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